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NHERI Lehigh Seminar Series: The Seismic Behavior of Wide-Flange Steel Columns: Recent Experimental and Numerical Research Findings - Shared screen with speaker view
Lehigh University
Welcome to today's NHERI Lehigh Seminar Series. We will begin at 12pm with an introduction to the presenter. Please hold all questions until the end. You can type questions into the chat as well. Thank you.
Sean Donahue
Your revised design recommendations suggested a limit on web slenderness, but it seemed like all columns buckled at the flanges. Is there a reason there is no revised flange slenderness limit?
Ahmad Hassan
For the effect of the Boundary Conditions, was the base BC considered ?
Alia Amer
Thank you for your presentation. Could you please explain briefly the bidirectional control algorithm of your test specimen, i.e. actuators displacement command/feedback vs the specimen displacement feedback? (Or recommend an article that explains the details of the testing?)
Ahmad Hassan
Thanks for the presentation !